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"We shouldn’t condemn abusers, only their actions. If we condemn abusers we are saying that we are superior to them."

Motherfucker, I *AM* superior to an abuser, and the abuser’s victim is MOST CERTAINLY also superior to said abuser. By attemping to put the victim on equal moral standing with their abuser, you’re reaffirming the message the abuser seeks to instill in his victim.

Forgiveness is a cult.

OP is a TERF

It must REALLY piss you off that I’m allowed to use public communications like a real human being. Women should be in the kitchen according to dudes like you.


re: Zoe Quinn drama

I don’t understand why her ex is being made out to be the bad guy in this situation. This is the first and only time I’ll stick up for a man but I have feelings of camaraderie in this situation, I guess. He was emotionally abused by someone with a clear personality disorder, someone with very narcissistic traits. He went through a traumatic experience because of her actions so what did he do? He decided to make a blogpost and post it around on SA’s “cringeworthy breakup thread.” Not fucking out of the ordinary in 2014.

If you find this creepy - fuck that shit. If my ex-husband was some big name in video game development and I had knowledge that he was a) cheating on me with coworkers b) involved in sexual nepotism c) involved in workplace harassment d) involved in sexual harassment hell yEAH I’d make it known. I’d take complete and total solace in watching his career burn down to shreds. Why shouldn’t I? So that he could go off and manipulate another dozen people? So he can inflict more trauma and pain on his significant others? So he can get away with more sexual nepotism in his workplace?

Fuck that. Fuck that so hard. Anyone condemning this guy clearly has never been with an emotionally abusive cheater. Zoe Quinn is my ex to a fucking T. You don’t get to condemn someone for bringing light to this issue without knowing how it feels. Knowing how it feels to find out and see yourself as degraded and abused. Learning that you basically had non-consensual sex hundreds of times because THIS WAS NOT THE PERSON YOU WANTED TO BE SLEEPING WITH. You don’t know what it feels like to be left with a knot in your stomach, waking up every morning being reminded of your lack of worth. You don’t know how it feels like to continually recreate feelings that passed long ago. Seeing something on the internet or mentioned in a movie or in a newspaper, it describing a person with the very same name or some similar quality, or their favourite fucking food and feeling that glass shard of betrayal splinter again in your veins all over. All over again. It happens all over again. You weren’t forced into feelings of dissociation. 

So sit down and shut the fuck up. You don’t get to speak for his actions.

How do you know that the accustions he made about her are even true?

I’m awake right now and that is not remotely OK

Man: My fucking bitch girlfriend cheated on me

Internet: Fuck her! We will rape, kill and mutilate her!

Woman: My boyfriend beat me up and stalked me.

Internet: Fuck you! We will rape, kill, and mutilate you!

I agree with boycotting Israel, but here’s the thing.

The USA not only finances and supports all of the evil shit that Israel does, but ALSO perpetrates all kinds of evil completely unrelated to Israel.

So if you agree with boycotting Israel, you better be OK with popstars, dancers, artists, scientists, authors, teachers, athletes, and anyone else boycotting the US, too.

The celebration over black lesbian Tamikka Brents suffering severe injury and broken eye bones during her “MMA fight” with male misogynist Boyd Burton AKA Fallon Fox is transparently racist.

White males are literally cheering the “spilling of her blood.”

I was wondering if you could give an update on the Jacob R Hynes situation. Do you know if the authorities were contacted, and if they plan on doing anything about his multiple felony blackmail offenses?


yup!! everything seems to be okay at the moment for her. we’re not sure what’s happening with jacob, but his facebook got taken down. the girl (idk if her name was used in the original post, so i’m not gonna use it atm) is doing okay as far as i’m concerned. if there’s any more updates i’ll post them!!

Thanks for the update. Let us know if we need to put pressure on someone to do something about this. I have a fairly large follower base and can get it spread around for people to make phone calls, etc, if needed.


I think I want to work at pet smart of something maybe next school year idk though

My very first job was working in a petstore, actually, an aquarium store.

It was seriously, seriously depressing. I don’t recommend it if you love animals. Literally every single day I was sending living creatures off to suffer in tiny plastic tanks where they would die within days or weeks. Then the same customer would be in to buy more animals to torture to death.

The customers would flat out say that they didn’t care, and if you tried to steer them towards a more suitable setup, like a larger aquarium, they would just imply that if you won’t sell them what they want, they will go to the store across the street and buy it from someone else. 

You could tell them “Do x, y, and z to keep these animals healthy” and they would literally tell you to your face that they weren’t going to do it, they were just doing to do it “their way.”

It was really hard for me with it being fish, if it were hamsters and birds and stuff that are a lot more self aware and complex, it was have been unbearable.

It really sucks because I would love to work with animals, but there are very few ethical ways to make a living working with animals. 

You should look into vet-teching. They make more money than pet retail anyway.



Wow ok so that thing about the chick getting harrassed by her ex is fake, check sadim0uto’s blog