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Omg. second gif reminded me of “Sprockets” on SNL.







the siren call of ‘but we prioritize, protect and value lesbians’ is a hard one to resist.

terfs and extreme radfems… i can see why people hop there. b/c it’s so nice and tempting to just settle in with people who will do their damn best to make you feel safe and important, yknow? even if you, on…

The only one spreading that it’s being pushed that lesbians should sleep with ANY kind of trans people are the trans critical.

Yeah. Basically what trans women have been trying to say before being shouted down is “stop and ask yourself why you consider trans women undesirable partners” because these attitudes spread beyond women who assert no attraction to trans women and it turns into “trans women can’t be lesbians” and “a cis lesbian with a trans woman is in a straight relationship” and is a general level of shame and disdain that makes it hard for trans women to have relationships with cis women.

Most of that stuff about mainstream LGBT activism is completely inaccurate, too. 

If you hadn’t been socialized as male, you would know that men routinely say that to women, and women are tired of hearing it.  This is standard.  Lesbians hear it as much as any other women, maybe even MORE, since they reject men more often.  

Why don’t you know this?

Man with ____ attribute claims that his ____ attribute must be the REAL reason we don’t want to sleep with him (rather than his awful self) so he says— (insert dramatic pause) —  ”Stop and ask yourself why you consider ______ men to be undesirable partners.”  Short men or bald men, this color of man, that color of man, old or young, this regional accent, that regional accent, WHOEVER. "Stop and ask yourself why you consider southern/yankee men to be undesirable partners.”  "Stop and ask yourself why you consider British/Brazilian men to be undesirable partners.”  Etc etc etc… the question ITSELF is insulting and demeans women’s intelligence, implying we have no self-awareness or reasons for what we choose to do.  WE DO.  And those reasons are NONE OF YOUR DAMN BUSINESS.  Learn to take no for an answer.  The only reason it turns into “an argument” is that YOU will not leave it alone and demand all kinds of reasons… again, as men have always done and as you were obviously socialized to do.  

Why don’t you know this simple aspect of most cis women’s experiences, and how creepy it is when one of you repeats it verbatim?  

And PS: “lisaquestions”—you have been stalking my blog for 7 years now.  Stay the fuck off my main blog, stalker.  I have asked you before, repeatedly.  

You block me from being able to even LOOK at your precious blog but then continue to stalk mine. According to my tracking, your last visit was July 22nd, and you habitually check my Facebook page too.  Why?  


To those following along at home:  And what does that behavior remind us of? 

But hey, no male socialization or anything, right?  

Wow the response is typical, a trans woman calls people out and the responses are verbatim Radfem attack.

Apparently trans women being angry as women isn’t allowed.

For those who don’t know, "bailey summers" aka Laurelai Bailey, is a known  FBI informant.

Do not interact with the snitch.  It all goes into the master file at the end of the day.  

Lowest form of life on earth.  

people whose header is some shit like “WELCOME TO MY TWISTED MIND”








The Unique minds of Tumblr

Oooh, soooo edgy. Reminds me of the dude on a friend’s FB page who was giving stock, disproven pro prostitution arguments and had “destroying the delicate worldview of sheeple” as his occupation.
I don't agree with everything you say, but I'm so frustrated right now. I just saw a picture of a beautiful trans woman (I'm cis) and I was going to reblog it. Underneath I saw the caption "if you don’t reblog [this person] on principle you are a transphobic c*nt!!" I don't mind that people want to reblog pictures of her, but why do we have to use a gendered insult like that?


'Cause the validation of trans women matters more than the humanity of women.

I don’t reblog any posts if I see comments like that.

This is how gender abolitionists are made. Dozens, hundreds of these misogynist comments build up over time until you’ve got no choice but to see genderism for the anti-woman ideology it is.

she didn't take mouthwash and tampons tho? she literally only took beauty products and a huge-ass scented candle. also the company may not care about the items stolen, but usually people who work at walmart and other big companies like this are working for a small amount of pay, usually because it's all they can get. when you steal from a store, you're risking the jobs of the people working there who are paid to make sure you don't do that.


like she’s so much better off than the employees working at walmart? do you think she is well-off? please.

she even tried to talk to him but he kept badgering her after he ‘caught’ her, so he didn’t want to listen. we don’t even know if she WAS stealing. people put things in bags often so they can take them to the checkout line. i’m pretty sure even if she used a recyclable bag he would’ve been on her ass too because that’s his agenda, to humiliate women.

if she was stealing (which is only possible if she actually left the store with the merchandise first), i can tell you this: i worked in retail and at least in the walmart store i worked at, they didn’t even get the cops involved unless it was a big steal. and it looks like many states have laws where the first offense doesn’t get jail time but a fine if it’s under a certain amount. so again, how is what she is doing such a bad thing especially compared to the video maker? he’s a fucking cop wannabe and i hate his guts. he had no right to ask for id nor to record her.

EDIT: after watching the video again it looks like the ‘purse’ he kept saying she was stealing stuff and putting things into was in fact a recyclable bag, NOT the purse she was also holding. like i was saying.

Fuck this dude and FUCK WALMART.

Walmart ACTIVELY steals from every single tax payer in the US and ACTIVELY oppresses every single one of its front-line employees.

Walmart owes each one of us thousands and thousands of dollars.

Personally, I’d rather be repaid by the freely flowing blood of their CEOs at the guillotine, but if homegirl wants some tampons and candles, that’s her business.

oh wow, I'd love to know which white feminist said beyonce was a terrorist!


I think that post is hyperbolic. I don’t know of anyone who actually used the word “terrorist”.

The terrorist quote is from bell hooks.

I see a part of Beyoncé that is, in fact, anti-feminist, that is assaulting, that is a terrorist … especially in terms of the impact on young girls.”

"Just be happy!"

"I’d like to offer a different perpective…."

- every dude who is about to tell you the same old shit you’ve heard 17 quadrillion rimes


Understand the Israeli – Palestinian Apartheid

And yet there are still women in the radical feminist community here that won’t condemn these things, and play the “both sides…” rhetoric. And no one says a damn thing to them, they just keep reblogging their shit and calling them radical feminists while they turn a blind eye to genocide and colonialism.

6907) I consider myself a radical transfeminist, but I still get really worried about my cis woman friend starting to get into radical feminism. It’s so easy to run into TERF ideas, and I keep feeling that the day is coming when she’ll start hating me…

"It’s OK for a dude to be a radical feminist, cause we know that everything, even radical feminism, is REALLY about males. But real women? Real women discovering radical feminism is SCARY. I mean, they might not know that my dick is the most important issue!!!"