Not Cis, Just Woman


exploring your gender is so fun and rewarding

it’s like walking into a giant closet where nothing costs any money and you can just hang out and try a bunch of stuff on and some things make you are okay, and some things are not okay. but so many things are so nice and…

It’s just… I mean… This doesn’t even MEAN anything. At all.

And not only that, she’s an asshole. A huge, stinky asshole.

Recently, I have been editing various wiki entries on men who are are rapists to reflect the fact that they are rapists. Men who are known for things like activism, music, etc.

And let me tell you, the mostly male editorial team at wiki does NOT appreciate this.

In high school I had a friend that always had aleve on her and popped it like candy, it was so weird. I don’t spend much time with her anymore but I think she still keeps a bottle of it in her purse.

I started taking Advil/Ibuprofen about 8 years ago due to RSI in my shoulder from having worked on the computer since the age of about 17.

I quickly got up to taking double the recommended daily dose. Then I moved on to Aleve/Naproxen because it worked better. I took it pretty much daily for probably 3 years straight to deal with my shoulder pain. It took thinking I was having a heart attack (the problems sometime manifest this way) to realize that I was actually hurting myself.

I got myself a speech-to-text program for my computer to reduce the amount of time I would need to use a keyboard, moved into a (rented) condo with a hot tub, and just about a year and a half ago, started yoga.

I still have to work on a computer because freelance writing, copy, and web-dev have been my business for damn near 10 years now, and I can’t make the same money anywhere else. 

What happens if you abuse aleve???

You get gastritis, which basically is an inflammation of the lining of the stomach. It feels like a horde of fire ants trying to eat their way out of your stomach. If it gets bad enough, it turns into a stomach ulcer.  :-(

don’t abuse Aleve, kids. Just don’t do it.

What's your opinion on serial killers?


They are the few people that have truly tasted freedom and humanity in their fullest.

Pretty much the philosophy of Ayn Rand in tumblr ask form.

Liars always have an explanation, truth tellers have denials.




I’m really enjoying the wailing over this “circumgender” thing. They’re soooo pissed at the idea of someone -GASP- co-opting their gold medal in the Oppression Olympics.

So why is it that people

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As I said before, no problem!

Too bad you count hate follows, though..

nope, radical feminists. you’re the biggest motivation for new women coming to radical feminism on tumblr right now.



yea i kno i look like an idiot but i was so overwhelmed with happiness i couldnt control what my face did (i also couldnt stop crying jfc)

I can understand the appeal here, and please don’t take these comments as any sort of attack because they aren’t meant as such, but this is a pretty poor situation for these cats to be in.  I would say “unless it’s an AZA facility,” but given that there is a white tiger cub there’s no way it could be.  The breeding of white tigers is outlawed in AZA zoos and many others, because all white tigers are inbred and unhealthy, every one.  In addition, cub petting schemes are also extremely detrimental, and do not support conservation purposes even though many handlers will tell you it does.  Many of the cubs end up sick, and are abandoned when they are too large to handle.  I encourage you to not support these kinds of attractions in the future, and pleaseee feel free to message me if you have further questions about it.